WARNING: MSG Kills Brain Cells!

I happened to come across some packets of instant noodles at the house where we are currently staying:


I had a look at the list of ingredients:

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According to the list, the enclosed sachet of seasoning powder contains the flavour enhancers 621, 627 and 631:

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I found that the flavour enhancer 621 is mono-sodium glutamate or MSG. Here is some information concerning MSG and why it should be avoided:


The above graphic is from here:

What you need to know about Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

The graphic of the burning brain at the top of the page is from this article:

What is MSG? Is it dangerous for you?

This article is in my opinion also worth reading:

MSG: More Than a Flavor Enhancer

And also this one:

Monosodium Glutamate MSG Health Dangers and Side Effects of Toxic Additives and Excitotoxins

What about the other two flavour enhancers listed on the packet?

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I learned that 627 and 631 are MSG boosters which turbo-charge the MSG!


MSG boosters: Ribo Rash (flavour enhancer 635 or ribonucleotides E635, 627, 631)

I find it disturbing that whenever there is a conflict of interest between what benefits us and what benefits corporations, governments almost invariably side with the corporations and appear to always be ready and willing to sacrifice our and our children’s health and well-being for the sake of corporate profits.


I recommend to always read food ingredient labels and to avoid processed, microwaved, irradiated and genetically modified food and also fluoride in water and toothpaste, soy, canola oil, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and electromagnetic fields whenever possible. Remember that generally the more natural, the better! Also, that whenever the government claims that something is safe we can assume that it is harmful and that whenever the government says that something is harmful we can assume that it is good for us!

Posted by Erwin Alber 3 December 2013

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Our Children's Brains are being Destroyed by Vaccines