The Truth About Vaccines – Judy Wilyman’s Doctoral Thesis

Newsletter 155: The University of Wollongong and the Truth about Vaccines

By Judy Wilyman PhD

11 April 2017

Do You Want to Remain Informed about the Latest Vaccine News?

On 18 January 2016, one week after the University of Wollongong published my PhD thesis on the university website, Professor Heather Yeatman, who’s expertise is in nutrition, was permitted to promote the Australian government’s claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines on the university website. This has been endorsed by other academics without scientific debate and the statements are factually incorrect. Heather Yeatman’s statement about immunisation ignored the scientific and historical evidence about the decline of infectious diseases that is presented in my in-depth PhD thesis on this topic.

Heather Yeatman’s statement that ‘parents should be confident that immunising children is best practice’ is false and it is a danger to public health. The health of children has significantly declined as vaccination rates have increased. I believe that a university that promotes a medical intervention without addressing the scientific and historical evidence in a debate is breaching its role in maintaining academic integrity in scientific issues. As someone who has studied vaccination for 15 years I can say that the current practice of vaccinating against multiple diseases is not the best practice for preventing disease in children and parents should not be confident that this is in the best interests of their child.

It is the responsibility of every parent to know what they are injecting into the tissues of their new born infant from day one of life. This schedule has expanded from 7 vaccines for children in 1990 to 45+ injections in 2017. These injections include antibiotics, aluminium, and foreign proteins etc injected directly into the tissues before the body’s excretory and respiratory systems are developed – and before the blood brain barrier is developed.

I would like to provide you with the link to a new 7-part documentary series that is being aired free from 12 – 19 April 2017. This series is called The Truth About Vaccines and it interviews 60 top vaccine scientists to describe to you what is in vaccines and what evidence there is or isn’t for the safety and efficacy of this medical intervention. I encourage you to take responsibility for your child’s health and sign up today for this important information.

Dr. Judy Wilyman
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