Raising A Vaccine Free Child – by Wendy Lydall

Raising A Vaccine Free Child -  by Wendy Lydall 1


This is the best book on vaccination I have read because it not only explains what is wrong with vaccination, it also helped me lose my fear of the diseases that my children could catch by giving me information about each disease. The advice is not flighty, it is backed up with evidence from scientific studies. People who do vaccinate also need this advice because their children can get the diseases.

I found the historical section amazing. We have been taught to believe untrue myths, and every parent needs to know the true historical facts, especially about Pasteur and Jenner.

I liked the amusing anecdotes about the way believers in vaccination behave, and after reading it I am better able to cope with the anger that my decision not to vaccinate provokes.
Marlene Bloch


‘Raising A Vaccine Free Child’ Author Wendy Lydall


Watch the cruelty of vaccines first hand, as this young Thai girl is brutalised by the medical establishment