Dr Andrew Wakefield on Vaccination

Excerpt from Dr Andrew Wakefield’s Leadership & Longevity ‘ lecture ‘CDC Whistleblower, Autism & Mandatory Vaccination’ (see video below)

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“People ask me: What would YOU do? Well, what should we do next? – and – I don’t give advice, I can’t advise people on what they should do. All I can do is in all honesty say what I would do if I had a baby today – I have four children and they’re grown now.

And my answer to this has come about from speaking at chiropractic meetings, and anybody can bring their children, they bring their babies – and I saw their babies: it was really, really shocking – it was frightening actually, because they were so healthy – they were so healthy! – and I wasn’t expecting this and it was really quite alarming: they fixed you with their gaze, they engaged with you from the youngest age, they smiled, they interacted – and they were at the back of the conference, not making a fuss – it was astonishing!

So, for me today, if I had a baby, I would not vaccinate them. And that is the only honest answer I can give you, and that is not advice to anyone else, it’s simply from my experience, and the more I have looked into this, the more concerned I’ve become, and so complex is the schedule now, I could not begin to dissociate it, so I think I would go back to ground zero.

Next question.”


– Leadership & Longevity 2015 – Dr. Andrew Wakefield – By Anne Dachel

– Dr. Andrew Wakefield: If I had a baby now, I would not give them a vaccine

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