Vaccination in Australia

Australian parents have freedom of choice concerning vaccination. As in other countries, most parents however comply with the government-promoted vaccination schedule. In spite of this, the Australian medical authorities have introduced bullying tactics such as requiring parents to fill in a conscientious objection form to obtain some welfare payments, and requiring the form to be counter-signed by a GP or public health nurse. The GPs and nurses are often abusive and refuse to sign the form, causing distress for parents and costing them money. Click HERE to download the form. Once the form is filled in and signed, keep some copies of it before handing it over, just in case the bureaucracy “loses” the form.

The government produces pamphlets, websites and press releases stating dishonestly that the welfare payments will not be paid unless the child has had all the vaccines on the schedule.

More recently, they changed the law in New South Wales, forcing non-vaccinating parents to provide the conscientious objection form on enrolling their child at a preschool centre. The form is not needed for enrolment in preschool centres in any other state or territory. However, parents are either told that vaccination is compulsory for school and preschool enrolment, or at best they are told that the conscientious objection form is required, when it is not.

Vaccination in Australia 1

Australia has now introduced the insane practice of giving new babies the hepatitis B vaccine any time between when they are born and they are discharged from the hospital. Parents should let their hospital and/or their primary care giver know in writing that they do not consent to their new baby to be vaccinated against hepatitis b or to given the vitamin K injection. Read about the dangers of the hepatitis B vaccine HERE


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