Gardasil Warning

Guard Yourself: Gardasil Documentary Short

May 28, 2014

A short documentary by Joe Ferdman that exposes the unsafe nature of the Gardasil vaccine.

The SaneVax Team would like to express their sincere appreciation to Joe Ferdman for producing this wonderful film documenting the impact Gardasil has made on four families. Emily Tarsell, Lisa Ericzon, Tim Hall, the Mosher family and the Evans family speak for thousands of families around the world suffering adverse events after HPV vaccinations. A special thanks to Amy and Kirstie for telling their personal stories to try and save others from going through what they have experienced after HPV vaccination.


CaptureApril 2014

Gardasil’s Birthday Blues: June 8, 2006 – June 8, 2014

– Merck didn’t bother to research the effects of Gardasil on girls’ ovaries

Agony of vaccine choice – TVNZ – segment on Jasmine Renata’s Gardasil death starts at 14:26

This Mother Wants You To See What An HPV Vaccine Injury Looks Like

Gardasil Destroys Girl’s Ovaries: Research on Ovaries Never Considered

Gardasil News

The Gardasil Vaccine After-Life: My Daughter is a Shadow of Her Former Self – November 19, 2015

My Children are Vaccine-Damaged; are Yours?
Michelle Goldstein, February 5 2016

HPV vaccination Gardasil kills three New Zealand girls and debilitates hundreds of others – Tuesday 12 January 2010

– SHOCK STUDY: Ten percent of Canadian females receiving HPV vaccines are sent to Emergency Rooms… scientists declare rate to be ‘low’ for vaccines

Gardasil recovery :


Watch the cruelty of vaccines first hand, as this young Thai girl is brutalised by the medical establishment