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Banker Reveals How The World Operates

International Banker Blows Whistle, Admits He Was Ordered to Sacrifice Children at Parties for the Elite By Matt Agorist – April 27, 2017 Ronald Bernard is a Dutch entrepreneur whose drive and business contacts quickly catapulted him into the world of the financial elite. However, the deeper into this world Bernard went, the more horrifying […]

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Humans As Programmable Life Forms

Are You a Human Being or Just a Programmable Life Form? Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times There is no clear line dividing science fiction and reality. If we can think it, we can create it, and so the world becomes a stranger and more interesting place by the day. This applies both to our individual […]

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Medical studies concerning vaccines

Med Science Research brings you evidence-based information, straight science, and data from medical journals. This database has only just begun. More studies going up daily, thousands in queue to be added. Follow us on Facebook as the information published there simultaneously gets added to the database here. Med Science Research is not designed to review […]

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Don’t remove the vernix!

Vernix: Don’t Wash It Off, Rub It In You’ve just given birth to your beautiful little baby and you’re all ready for cuddles. You’ve been waiting for 9 months for this moment! But wait… What’s that white, waxy, cheesy substance coating baby’s skin? Yeesh, that’s kinda gross. That waxy stuff is called vernix And yes, […]

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Vaxxed In New Zealand Has Doctor Hopping Mad

Kaitaia-based Dr Lance O’Sullivan says there is absolutely no scientific evidence that shows immunisation causes autism. Photo/file. Dr Lance O’Sullivan vents fury at anti-immunisation group By – Northland Age Apr 11, 2017 It takes something extraordinary to anger Kaitaia GP Dr Lance O’Sullivan. But the “cloak and dagger antics” of WavesNZ, organisers of screenings of […]

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Premature Babies Are Knowingly Harmed Or Killed With Vaccines To Comply With Vaccination Schedule!

AMA Verifies Whistleblower Warning of Vaccine Harm to Infants Published on Jun 23, 2015 Michelle Rowton of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations (NAMV) revealed in an InfoWars interview on May 1, 2015 that it was well known among medical professionals that vaccinating preemies and low birth weight infants “on schedule” would immediately result in adverse effects. […]

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AAP: Breastfeeding makes moms anti-vaxxers!

We Need to Stop Calling Breast-Feeding Natural By Elissa Strauss Public health advocates often use the phrase natural in their attempts to promote breast-feeding. As a marketing strategy, it’s a shrewd move. Most mothers will feel at least a little bit guilty about going the “unnatural” route and will be too tired to question the […]

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