Australian Doctors & Police Blame Parents for Vaccine-Related Injuries and Deaths

Chris Savage on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Former police sergeant Chris Savage was harmed by the Hep B vaccine in October 1989. This woke him up to the danger of vaccines. In the course of his career in the Queensland Police from 1990 to 2012, he attended sudden deaths of babies after vaccinations. He asked the parents what the baby’s health was like in the 2 months without vaccines and the light came on and they said their baby was healthy, eating and sleeping well, but that after being vaccinated all hell broke loose with inconsolable crying, convulsions, seizures and then death.

In the following video Chris Savage explains how when parents found their baby deceased and picked the child up to gently shake it they were immediately accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Then the police would rely on pro-vaccine doctors’ medical evidence to convict the parent or baby sitter who would then be sent to prison. On every post mortem, the SIDS, SUDI or SBS had Cerebral Cortex inflammation and swelling of the brain noted. This results in the brain pushing against the skull, leading to the compression and subsequent bursting of arteries, causing the baby to be severely injured or die.



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